Clint Eastwood to Tackle True-Life Story of Kidnapped Aid Worker Jessica Buchanan

Clint Eastwood

The drama will be based on the memoir ‘Impossible Odds,’ written by Buchanan, husband Erik Landemalm, and Anthony Flacco.
After tackling a true-life story with Sully, Clint Eastwood is setting his sights on another: that of kidnapped American aid worker Jessica Buchanan.

Warner Bros, Eastwood’s longtime home studio, has optioned Impossible Odds, the memoir written by Buchanan, her husband Erik Landemalm, and Anthony Flacco. While it’s a beat early in the development stages, Eastwood is looking at it as his next project.

Brian Helgeland, who worked with Eastwood on the Oscar-winning 2003 film Mystic River, as well as 2002’s Blood Work, is writing the script.

Buchanan was working in Somalia when, in October 2011, she and a colleague found themselves caught by land pirates, sold out by their escort and protector. For the next 93 days, she and her co-worker lived in the desert while Buchanan’s husband, Landemalm, tried to work various agencies to have his wife rescued. In the end, President Barack Obama approved the engagement of SEAL Team 6, which parachuted into the area, killed all the pirates and extracted the pair.

The story had already been eyed for the big screen in 2013 when the book was optioned by Clear Pictures Entertainment and Silver Reel Partners, which also secured Buchanan and Landemalm’s life rights.

Greg Silverman and Julia Spiro will oversee the project for Warners.

Sully stars Tom Hanks as Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, the US Airlines pilot who became a hero after landing his passenger plane on the Hudson River. The movie, which cost $60 million to make, has soared to over $107 million domestically and follows Eastwood’s 2014 hit, American Sniper, which starred Bradley Cooper in the telling of the heroic true-life story of sniper Chris Kyle.

The one-two punch of those movies show that Eastwood, at 86 years old, is settling into a groove focusing on American-bred stories that clearly resonate with domestic audiences.


  1. ed byrd Reply

    We appreciate Clint so much. Sang a song with him at his piano bar. He is so very nice Too!

  2. Ed Wheeler Reply

    Keep it up, Clint. You have replaced the late, great John Wayne in bringing to Americans movies that keep up the American spirit when most of what we get from Hollywood is cheap sex, toilet trash, and drug-laced crap from so-called sophisticated, left-wing, morons.


    I hope Eastwood keeps on with bringing movies to light of real-life people who overcame seemingly unsurmountable odds. Good job Mr. Eastwood. Keep on keepin’ on!

  4. Cleveland Wilks Reply

    What can I tell y’all?, I guess that just goes to show that our heart still are alert and filled with the love and appreciation for our American men and women, who lay it on the line for their country. And although political correctness some how kills a lot of the zest, to our freedom threats, still the nation are yearning to see more and are forever grateful and in love with those who’ve proved their self.

  5. WCharles Smith Reply

    Clint Eastwood’s life and movies paralled the life of Ronald Reagan and other American real life heroes, actors, great Americans and movie stars!!!

  6. Joe Zani Reply

    Clint Eastwood falls under the same category as John Wayne, Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart and a few others, “a man’s man”; I don’t recall any of those guys ever making a bad movie.I was lucky to get a few photos of C.E. when he first bought a home on Loch Lomond about 20- 25 years ago; a real gentleman.

  7. Bill Runkle Reply

    Clint is one of the greatest Americans living and loving in the 20th and 21st Centuries, He exemplified Truth in his daily and Professional life. A true hero who was not afraid to call it like he saw it..He recognized the deception of Government and Hollywood and did what he could to broadcast it..
    A great actor. No better actor during our lifetime…A true Hero to those of us who love this country…

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